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3DAMO brands for eco-friendly scalp, eyebrows for its own development, production, selling

Specializing in natural cosmetics company of VOVOO KOREA.

3DAMO product efficacy in preventing hair loss and eyebrow growth, excellent "natural extract ingredients obtained from the use of natural materials," is a product which maximizes efficacy.

Made of six years of research and effort 3DAMO products used in infants, young and old, and the safety of the product so that you can focus on the technology and products.

In particular, this is the main cause of hair loss seborrheic dandruff, irregular eating habits, stress, alcohol, smoking, and problems due to the rapid progress that focuses on the development of products.

Blood circulation to the scalp smooth and natural ingredients that maximize the effect quickly soak product.


Customers first, thinking of the best products to meet your company by our employees to be the best hope to all members.

Customers love companies that practice today, our team is always by your promise.  

Thank you


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameVOVOOKOREA
  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsBolivia,Brazil,Japan,South Korea,Mexico
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage ,
  • PresidentCHO BYEONG-BUM
  • Phone+82-70-7787-3424
  • FAX+82-53-752-3425
  • Address#386, Gacheon-Dong, Suseong-Gu, Daegu, Korea
  • Product Category Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Hygiene > Hair Conditioner
    Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Hygiene > Shampoo
    Chemicals > Chemicals for Daily Use > Hair Care Chemicals

Additional Introduction

How are you? This is 3DAMO that specializes in producing natural hair products. Thank you for visiting our company which always thinks in your position first and strives to give the best satisfaction. 3DAMO tries our best to make a natural product with the research and effort for six years which can be used by everybody without burden by "using natural ingredients obtained from nature" to reduce the worry of those who concern about hair loss. Consistent mind of those who want to keep elastic and healthy hair even getting older.... However due to various stresses and pollution, environmental pollution etc, the hair of scalp is getting thin and sick, at the end it falls off. Current 3 damo product has been developed to keep healthy and beautiful hair, furthermore to reduce the phenomenon of hair loss with the research and effort for six years. All employees of 3DAMO do our best to provide healthy hair, shiny and strong hair of All customers who use our products. We will keep our promise to become a company of the customer love practice that serves customers beside them, thinks about customer first. We request a lot of encouragement and cheer to 3 DAMO. Thank you.

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