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Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap

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  • MaterialNatural extracts


  • South Korea South Korea

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Natural Nutrition hair cream soap

  • 3DAMO Natural Nutrition hair cream soap product is a natural hair tonic product that the whole family can use safely, is hypo- allergenic compared to the product made with chemical ingredient by only using natural ingredients derived from nature and supplies good nourishment on scalp and hair by supplying nutrients smoothly.

  • A product that helps to strengthen the power and elasticity of the hair which you could not feel from existing shampoo.

  • When used for weak, easy to fall off hair due to too soft and severe seborrheic scalp, you will experience the maximum power and vitality as well as maintain volume sense and freshness for a long time. Natural extract ingredient will change as strong and healthy hair when used consistently by providing power to scalp and hair.


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